3D Environment Artist Post

At Freesphere we aim to make stuff that stands out from the rest of the crowd with a focus on gameplay systems and mechanics working with narrative to support each other.  This is currently a royalty based role working from home with the hopes of making it a permanent full-time role in the near future.  […]

A Learning Curve

After 4 years of burnouts, failed funding attempts, re-designs & thousands of man-hours across two different development teams, it’s time to put Tether to the back of my mind. Ultimately when I started out on this journey with a group of friends to make the game a reality I had an idea on how to […]

Jumps Scares VS Dread

As a developer with a passion for horror I have been wanting to make a blog post series talking about my personal game-design philosophy. In this post, I will discuss the difference between a jump scare and creating dread. So, let’s start out with a definition of both the terms that are important here: Scare: To […]

My Thoughts About, Florence

Florence is an interesting game because of many reasons, but what’s impressed me the most is that it has managed to reach the holy grail of game design – letting your game mechanics tell the story. I first heard of Florence on the Games Industry dot biz podcast, on the show they were discussing how […]